Italian for Travelling Intermediate (Classroom)

Wed 7.30 – 9.30pm • Duration: 10 weeks

Tuition Fee: €110

Commencement Date: Wed 2nd October 2024 (Youghal Campus)

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Going on holiday, business or volunteering trip to Italy? Do you have an Italian relative, a friend or a colleague who made you curious about Italian language and culture? Are you fascinated about in the cooking, drama, opera, cinema, fashion, art or literature of Italy? If you have reached the stage where you can understand a good proportion of the language, when native speakers talk to you,If you can express yourself simply and with reasonable accuracy, but you are hesitant in more demanding situations. If you want to develop your fluency and extend the range of contexts in which you use the language; this course for Intermediate will help you to improve “The musical language” and discover more “The beautiful country”.

This course is designed for:


· People who have completed “Italian for your travelling” course for Beginners

· People who have an understanding of Italian grammar, up to an A2 level

· People who studied Italian at school and are coming back to it after a break

· People who want to progress to “Italian for your travelling ” advanced level



Through this course you will understand the language you need for real life everyday situations. The native Teacher will help you take in information quickly so it will be easier for you to learn any grammar rules. Various learning activities will involve your interaction with familiar contexts and you will unlock your four language learning skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing by hearing the language in action from a native Italian prospective. You’ll practice using a variety of tenses and grammatical rules to describe facts and people in the past and discuss plans for holidays and outings. You will continue to build knowledge of the Italian language, Strengthen your pronunciation skills and grammar skills, Enhance Italian conversation and writing skills. You’ll delve further into cultural aspects of Italy, such as art and architecture, society, food and film, to add context. At the end of the course, you will get some tips on how to continue to study Italian, so that you can progress to “Italian for your travelling” Advanced level if you wish.

Tuition Fee: €110

Commencement Date:Wed  2nd October 2024