Spanish Beginners (Classroom)

Tue 7.00-9.30pm Duration: 8 weeks

Tuition Fee €120

Commencement Date: Tuesday 31 January 2023

€10 Discount if you book online

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To enable participants to pick up enough of the language to be able to cope with everyday travel situations, ask booking accommodation, using the phone, ordering a meal, shopping, meeting people and being able to make about your own identity, family circumstances.

  • Spanish Alphabet
  • Introducing yourself: name, nationality and asking other people
  • Presentations and the Formal
  • Jobs – Say what you do and ask others
  • Asking/telling the time; opening hours; days of the week
  • The family and the house
  • Booking a hotel; buying a ticket
  • Giving/asking for directions

Important Information: 

The approach to delivery may have to be adjusted at short notice moving to online depending on advice from the Government.  Refunds will NOT BE given if classes have to move online from the classroom.  Please ensure that you have access to a device to support your learning and you are comfortable to move online.

Tuition Fee: €120

Commencement Date: Tuesday 31 January 2023