Nursing Studies 5M4349


Find out if Nursing is for you!  You will be introduced to subjects/topics commonly studied in the first year of the nursing degree programme. Learn about the skills and knowledge of the nursing profession with an emphasis on respect, dignity, empathy and confidentiality. Give yourself the best start for entry to a career in healthcare. There is a fully equipped nursing/HCA room for all the practical work.

We offer a wide range of these modules with the Health  Service Skills overall award 5M3782

The following are the modules we offer

Award Code Title Lev​​el Web link
5N0749 Anatomy and Physiology Mandatory 5 Click here
5N1279 Human Growth and Development Mandatory 5  Click Here
5N4325 Nursing Theory and Practice Mandatory 5 Click Here
5N2770 Care Skills 5 Click here
5N1356​​ Work Experience 5 Click here
5N0690 Communications 5 Click here
5N2706 Care of the Older Person 5 Click here
5N0758 Care Support 5 Click here


Please note that moving and handling course and basic first aid responder course are not included as part of the Nursing Studies course.