Equine Nutrition QQI Level 5 (Blended)

Tue 6.30-9.30pm • Duration: 10 weeks

Tuition Fee:   €180

Start Date: Tuesday 24th September 2024

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This programmed module aims to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to understand the equine digestive system, the composition of food and equine nutrition. During the past 20–30 years, there has been an increased awareness of  equine nutrition and its importance to the health of the horse. In every stage of life, nutrition is the foundation for equine health and longevity, and a horse’s dietary needs change with each life stage. The great varieties of commercial feeds on the market attest to the recognition of different diets for different life stages. Horses must be provided with an adequate supply of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals and have access to fresh, clean water.

Course Content

  • Develop an awareness of the nutritional requirements of the horse.
  • The learner will explore theoretical concepts of horse nutrition
  • Becoming competent in the use of a range of feedstuffs
  • Understanding the complications that may occur. The module explores
  • Digestive system of the equine
  • Health consequences of an unbalanced diet.


Course Delivery

Students must have basic IT Skills.


Assignment                        20%

Skills Demo                         20%

Examination                       60%

Examination will be held online in the college.

Tuition Fee:   €180

Accreditation: QQI Minor Award in Equine Nutrition 5N3363

Start Date:   Tuesday 24th September 2024