Further Training Opportunities

Healthcare QQI Level 6


If you wish to further your skills and knowledge and advance your career from Healthcare QQI Level 5 with modules developed to meet your supervisory requirements of the health, caring and community sector, the college offers the following QQI Level 6  modules –  Health Service Supervisory Management Skills 6M4978 (Major Award Code):


Module Module


Type of Module Web Link
Employment Law 6N4322 Optional Click Here
Human Resource Management 6N3750 Optional Click Here
Personal & Professional Development 6N1949 Compulsory Click Here
Project Management 6N4090 Optional Click Here
Special Needs Assisting 6N1957 Optional Click Here
Supervisory Management 6N4329 Compulsory Click Here
Conflict Management 6N2775 Compulsory Click Here

 A maximum of 15 credits may be used from level 5