Business full award Level 6  (6M4985)

Level 6 Business Major Award on successful completion of 120 credits (8 modules)

or 7 from level 6 and on relevant module from level 5

Does not have to be completed in one year

Click Here for full list of modules that need to be completed  for this award

We offer the following Modules

1.  Business Management 6N4310 (Mandatory) Click here 

2. Personal & Professional Development 6N1949 Click Here

3. Communications 6N1950  Click Here

4. Employment law 6N4322   Click Here

5. Human Resources Management 6N3750  Click Here

6.  Project Management 6N4090 Click here 

The remaining credit value of 30 can be obtained by using relevant component(s) from level 6 or any of the Programme Modules/Components listed below.

A maximum of 15 credits may be used from level 5

7.  Supervisory Management 6N4329 Click here 

8.  Training & Delivery & Evaluation 6N3325 Click here 

9. Business Administration 5N1610 Click here