Please inform the college by email only of any change of address to ensure the prompt delivery of all correspondence, examination results, certificates etc. All correspondence for change of address must be emailed to

The college is not responsible for any delivery delays or non-delivery caused by a third party.


Since all our evening courses are self-funding and dependent on a minimum number of people, we are regrettably unable to offer any refund (in full or in part) once the course has started. However, fees (in full) will be returned in case a course does not go ahead due to too few participants. Once a programme commences participants cannot defer their place on that programme to another term. It is the responsibility of the participants to inform themselves of the programme commencement date, content, programme duration, etc.

FULL AWARDS: Please inform the college what full award you are applying for with correct code. Each module has an individual code. Each overall award has a unique code

Click Here to search for awards overall code usually start with  5M or 6M, Modules codes start with 5N or 6N


  • All fees must be paid for before classes commence.
  • Students cannot attend a class without an official receipt.
  • Fees do not cover the cost of materials, students will be expected to bear the cost of materials where costs arise.
  • Fees are strictly non-refundable.
  • Where course fees are being funded by an employer / government or community agency the student should complete the application form and return completed and stamped with the company stamp.
  • Once you have enrolled, your course commencement date will be printed on your receipt.
  • No further contact will be made from the college unless the class is deferred.
  • Your classroom will be posted up in the Main Foyer of the college.

Students are required to have 80% attendance to be entered for Certification.

Please Note: Every effort is made to have these costs as accurate as possible, however, please be aware that some of these costings are supplied by external agencies & external exam bodies and there is a potential for those to change unexpectedly. If changes occur they will be communicated to learners as soon as possible.

Available Discounts

  • €10 discount if you enrol online
  • Social Welfare 30% reduction in tuition cost
  • Old Age Pension 50% reduction in tuition cost
  • Proof of SW and OAP to be included with application
  • Day Students 40% reduction in tuition cost
  • Please also check other fee waiver entitlements with Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP), INTREO or your Local Employment Service (LES) office that you may be eligible for.

Restricted availability on certain courses where discounts do not apply

Terms and Conditions

  • Discounts apply to tuition costs for certain courses only.
  • Discounts cannot be applied for through the online registration system for OAP/Social Welfare/Day Student.
  • Proof of discount must be provided at registration in the college main reception.


Every effort  has been made to  ensure that the information herin is accurate. this website does not infer or impose any legal obligation on the management of the Cork College of Commerce to provide courses or any other service to students.

Course syllabi, fees, timetables, examinations timetables, regulations or any other information given may be altered, cancelled or otherwise amended at any time. This website does not confer any rights on a student registered in the Cork College of Commerce for any course of study.

The college reserves the right to cancel or restructure any course. Classes are offered to subject to sufficient demand.