English for Business   (Classroom)

Wed 6.30-9.00pm • Duration: 8 weeks

Tuition Fee:    €120
Start Date:   Wednesday 2nd October 2024

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Would you like to improve your Business English Skills?  This course is aimed at students who are interested in working in English and want to improve their business English knowledge.

Course Content:

  • Networking & Socialising
  • Telephoning and Conference Calling
  • Business emails
  • Meetings & Discussions
  • Presentations and Q&A
  • Inter-cultural communicative skills.
  • Negotiating
  • Vocabulary development in different business fields

Important Information

The approach to delivery may have to be adjusted at short notice moving to online depending on advice from the Government.  Refunds will NOT BE given if classes have to move online from the classroom.  Please ensure that you have access to a device to support your learning and you are comfortable to move online.

Tuition Fee:    €120

Start Date: Wednesday 2nd October 2024