Christmas Winter Wonderland Table (Christmas etiquette)

Would you like to entertain in an effortless, exquisite, fun manner?  Be the host who delivers panache!  This class will equip you with the skills and confidence on the etiquette of fine dining and how to dress the Christmas Table

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Course Content

  • Dress your Christmas table in an elegant and seasonal way  –  Table Decorations
  • Festive and fun table treats, candles, flowers, pine cones
  • The Etiquette of dining skills mastered, correct use of flat wear, glass wear and napkins
  • What is the correct etiquette when your knife falls to the floor or you knock a glass of wine over etc.,?
  • Responsibilities of the host and the guest, Do you always take a gift for the host?
  • Understanding dress codes, from smart-casual to black tie
  • Gift/Hamper wrapping

Start Date: 

Wednesday 27th November 2024 –  6.30 – 8.30 p.m .


€50  –  discount €10 if you enroll online (Christmas etiquette)

  • Enrollments opening soon,
  • limited places available
  • Maybe an early Christmas to some one


2 Weeks