Career Development and Planning (Remote Teaching)

Wed 7.00-9.00pm • Duration: 6 weeks

Tuition Fee: €110

Commencement Date: Wednesday  4th October 2023

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This short course is suited to those who would like to successfully find a job that they will enjoy, explore career changes, or look at educational choices.

Course Content:

  • Self-assessment of your skills
  • Interests and values
  • While looking at your overall goals and motivation
  • How to search for jobs efficiently
  • Create your CV and profile
  • Cover letters and application forms
  • Interview preparation
  • Overall career planning 

Joann Prior is a certified Coach, specializing in Career Coaching and Planning, having recently completed a Masters in Personal and Executive Coaching through UCC. She is a Member of the Association for Coaching (AC) and has over 15 years of HR and Recruitment experience.


“The future depends on what you do today”. Gandi

Course Delivery

This course is delivered as a Remote Teaching

Tuition Fee: €110

Commencement Date:Wednesday  4th October 2023