Autocad (Classroom)

Mon 7.00-9.00pm • Duration: 8 Weeks

Tuition Fee: €110

Commencement Date: Monday 3rd October 2022

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AutoCAD is the most widely used CAD package in both education and industry. The majority of students in engineering and construction need to know how to use AutoCAD. This course is designed to give the learner an understanding of the role of computers as a design tool for architecture, engineering and interior design. You will learn the basic drawing techniques used. AutoCAD (2D) is covered in this course. A good working knowledge of computers is essential.

Course Content:

  • Drawing & Creating
  • Modifying
  • Layers
  • Properties
  • Zoom
  • Plotting / Printing

Course Delivery

This course is delivered in the classroom which may have to be adjusted at short notice depending on advice from the government.

Tuition Fee: €110

Commencement Date:Monday 3rd October 2022